Electus DGS

Electus DGS Ltd. agency for temporary employment

Electus DGS Ltd. agency for temporary employment is founded in 2004. Same year when the establishment of temporary agencies was allowed by the Labour Law.

Today ELECTUS DGS is the biggest agency in Croatia cooperating with over 80 Users with different activities to whom we provide assignment of employees.

Our approach to the Users is based on professionalism, orientation towards solution, quality of service and partnership between the workers and the Users.

By the service of temporary employment ELECTUS DGS, as the employer assigns his employee (the agency worker) to the service User. In order to start with the assignment, ELECTUS DGS has to conclude the Assignment Agreement with the User. The main structure of the Assignment agreement is prescribed by the Labour Law. Based on the Assignment Agreement ELECTUS DGS will conclude the assignment employment agreement with the employee. The content of the assignment employee agreement is also prescribed by the Labour Law.

The temporary services will allow the User to avoid administrative tasks such as:

  • Contacting the employee
  • Signing the employment agreement
  • Reporting the employees to Croatian Health and Pension Found
  • Insurance of the employees (all of our employees have insurance against injuries)
  • If necessary, preparation of the prolongation of initial employment agreement and amendments
  • Organizing medical and sanitary exams if required
  • Preparation and verification of various confirmations for the employees
  • Calculation and payment of salaries at the same day as the User,
  • Handling of legally prescribed register for the employees,
  • Reporting of the payments to the Tax Authorities
  • Other administrative work if required and agreed.